Want to spice up your next date night? Looking for something unique to do in Evansville with your girlfriends or want to make new friends? Thyme in the Kitchen cooking classes are an excellent choice for your next outing!

Continue to watch for updates or sign-up for our monthly cooking class email! Stop by Evansville’s west side to experience the food and fun we offer at Thyme in the Kitchen.

We look forward to spending Thyme with you in our kitchen! All classes will last two to two and a half hours unless otherwise specified on the schedule.

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  • Soufflés

    Call to check availability
    Wednesday, April 8  Postponed due to COVID-19
    Time: 6:00p
    Cost: $40/person
    Chef: Annie Leslie

    Raise your hand if you’ve ever actually made a souffle. Yeah, me neither. Not until, that is, Chef Annie had a class a few years ago and I realized what a simple weeknight dish a souffle actually is. A souffle is easy, not so elusively French as I had supposed it to be. Let Chef Annie show you how to make sweet and savory souffles, perfect for your Easter gatherings. Any fear of making a soufflé will be allayed after this class!

    Menu: lemon soufflé with raspberry sauce, traditional chocolate soufflé, corn soufflé, a spinach gruyere soufflé.

  • Toasted Coconut Rum – YUM!

    Cooking a Grilled shrimp dinner in evansville IN
    Tuesday, April 14   Postponed due to COVID-19
    Toasted Coconut Rum – YUM!
    Time: 5:30p
    Cost: $50/person
    Chef: Holly Duncan with Culinary Innovations by April

    These are a few of our favorite things…coconut and rum….YUM! Chef Holly is putting down the bourbon bottle for spring and seizing that warm weather feeling with Hard Truth® Coconut Rum! Hard Truth® is crafted just up the road in Nashville, IN and pairs the deep, rich flavor of house-toasted coconut with cane sugar and natural sea salt for a balanced and versatile spirit. Limited cash bar including Hard Truth® Coconut Rum cocktails.

    Menu: salad with coconut rum vinaigrette, coconut rum shrimp, coconut rum confetti rice, coconut rum carrots, and coconut rum dream cake

  • Lunch and Learn – Healthy Turkey Stromboli

    Wednesday, April 15  Postponed due to COVID-19
    Lunch and Learn – Healthy Turkey Stromboli
    Time: Noon to 1:00p
    Cost: $20/person
    Chef: Aimee Blume

    Your favorite gooey sandwich, lightened up! Ground turkey is seasoned just right to make a healthier sausage. Flavorful food, cooking tips and tricks, and recipes for you to duplicate this amazing sandwich at home. What a perfect way to spend your lunch hour!

    Menu: mixed salad with lemon vinaigrette and turkey stromboli

  • Won’t Miss The Meat

    Thursday, April 16  Postponed due to COVID-19
    Won’t Miss The Meat
    Time: 5:30p
    Cost: $45/person
    Chef: April Boeke with Culinary Innovations by April

    There is no way you can pass up a good burger, and Chef April’s meatless version will not disappoint! This menu is equally delicious to vegetarians and meat lovers alike! Limited cash bar available.

    Menu: pimento cheese with crudités, southwest slaw, black bean burger with toppings, sweet potato wedges, and fried ice cream cake

  • Thai One On!

    Call to check availability
    Tuesday, April 21   Postponed due to COVID-19
    Thai One On!
    Time: 5:30p
    Cost: $50/person
    Chef: Wanphen McDonald with Pangea Kitchen

    We are very excited to welcome Chef Wanphen back to our kitchen!! If you love Thai food but are not sure how to duplicate the complex flavors in your own home, join Chef Wanphen as she offers the building blocks for preparing real Thai food from scratch. She instructs on how to find traditional Thai ingredients (or substitutes) in our area and puts it all together to ensure each student is capable of cooking and presenting delicious dishes on their own.  The preparation and cooking techniques are the same way it is done at Pangea! Limited cash bar available.

    Menu: Pad Ke Mao pork (drunken noodles pork), dipping sauce and pork and shrimp dumplings

  • Lunch and Learn – Fresh and Easy

    Friday, April 24   Postponed due to COVID-19
    Lunch and Learn – Fresh and Easy
    Time: Noon to 1:00p
    Cost: $20/person
    Chef: April Boeke with Culinary Innovations by April

    Take an hour out of your day to learn how to create an easy, yet fresh, lunch.

    Menu: strawberry spinach salad and veggie pot pie

  • Date Night – Spring in Paris

    Friday, April 24  Postponed due to COVID-19
    Date Night – Spring in Paris
    Time: 5:30p
    Cost: $100/couple
    Chef: Aimee Blume

    Paris is great in any season, but spring shows it in its best light! Chef Aimee has created a seasonally-inspired menu celebrating French cuisine. Join us for this unique date-night, as we begin to shake off our winter torpor and enjoy more hours of daylight. Limited cash bar available.

    Menu: French onion soup with baguette and gruyere, green salad with shallot vinaigrette, quiche Lorraine and gougeres (cheese puffs), and pithiviers (puff pastry and almond tart with whipped cream and apricot)

  • Scrumptious Salad Dressings

    Saturday, April 25  Postponed due to COVID-19
    Scrumptious Salad Dressings
    Time: 1:00p
    Cost: $38/person
    Chef: Aimee Blume

    Spring and salads, two of my favorite things! And a spring salad deserves only the best dressing! Homemade dressings are so easy to make and infinitely better tasting and better for you than store bought. And seriously, most take only a few minutes to make, so why would you use anything else? These dressings are simple and taste great on a variety of salads!

    Menu: creamy tarragon vinaigrette, orange French with bacon, Greek lemon garlic, southwest ranch, and nutty honey Dijon dressings with variety of appropriate salads

  • Swing Into Spring

    Tuesday, April 28  Postponed due to COVID-19
    Swing Into Spring
    Time: 5:30p
    Cost: $45/person
    Chef: April Boeke with Culinary Innovations by April

    Spring dishes are lighter and more vegetable-centric than those of rich, heavy winter. Chef April is excited to swing into spring using seasonal fresh goodness. Limited cash bar available.

    Menu: Spring spinach salad with strawberries, crispy spring Cornish hens, spring pea pesto leek risotto, miso butter roasted radishes, honey thyme rainbow carrots, strawberry lemon lavender shortcake

  • Lunch and Learn – Mediterranean Lifestyle

    Wednesday, April 29 Postponed due to COVID-19
    Lunch and Learn – Mediterranean Lifestyle
    Time: Noon to 1:00p
    Cost: $20/person
    Chef: Aimee Blume

    The Mediterranean diet may be known for its health benefits, but there’s no question that it’s downright delicious! Here are all your favorite flavors from the sun-washed region.

    Menu: chicken shawarma with veggies and pita and tabbouleh